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As someone who works closely with companies, projects, and protocols in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, I am committed to providing transparency and disclosure while protecting my privacy, and that of others. I do my best to exercise discretion and sound judgment in my conduct as both an investor and advocate in the crypto ecosystem. 
See my views regarding Transparency and Ethics in Cryptocurrency Investing

Disclosure Policy

I may hold positions in some of the companies, projects, cryptocurrencies, or tokens I discuss in a public appearance, including social media. Where reasonably possible, I will disclose these relationships. 


I have not been paid in cash, gifts, or expense reimbursements by any company, project, or fund to serve as an ambassador or marketer. Should this change, I will add those compensated roles here. Any sponsored content will always be disclaimed as such, although I have not engaged in any sponsorship in the past and have no plans to do so. 

Advisory Roles

I do not take on any advisory roles unless I am also an investor in the company. I serve as an advisor to Blockdaemon, Casa, Eclipse, Metaplex, Nillion, and Shyft Network. I am a board director of the Stacks Foundation, Compass Mining, Ejara, Choice FinTech Holdings, and 3iQ.


My personal investments are disclaimed when mentioned in my writing or media appearances. I also own cryptocurrencies and digital assets including NFTs. These holdings may be traded on an active basis.

Last updated February 2024

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