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Writing & Talks

I share all of my content on Twitter. You can find some of it on and some of it on Substack. I'm working on finding one place to aggregate everything, so if I ever get around to that, you'll see it here. 

Startup & Investing Resources

Over the last eight years of investing both professionally and personally, I've put together a simple list of resources to help entrepreneurs understand what investors are looking for and what format works well for engagement. These are the documents I use in my investment process and have found to be helpful as both an investor and an entrepreneur. Many of these documents are templates I found and modified from resources including the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), Y-Combinator (YC), and other investors, who have all developed lots of amazing (free) resources. 

Sci Fi Reading List

Sci Fi

I'm obsessed with reading, particularly science fiction books. I'm constantly updating my book list, and have shared it here for easy referencing. Hit me up on Twitter to recommend more books for me to read and add! 

Courses & Teaching

I am passionate about teaching and helping others deepen their understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, new blockchain-based business models, and more. I have created the below courses, in partnership with leading online education providers and academic institutions:

Free Online Programs

Certification Programs 

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