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Here is a simple list of resources to help you get started. These are the documents I use in my investment process and have developed over the last seven years of investing. Many of these documents are templates I found and modified from resources including the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), Y-Combinator (YC), and other investors, who have all developed lots of amazing (free) resources. 

DUE DILIGENCE CHECKLIST: This is a sample due diligence checklist sorted by stage of company. Gathering and compiling these documents in a data room (preferably in Notion or Drive) will help investors accelerate their diligence process.

INVESTMENT MEMO: This is an outline of an Investment Memo we write for every deal we do at CoinShares. Be prepared to answer questions in each of these categories and understand why investors are asking these questions. Make it easy for prospective investors to put together an investment memo by making it easy to find this information.

INVESTOR UPDATES: This is a sample investor update. You should aim to send a brief investor update once a month in early stages, and once a quarter in later stages. You should always aim to quantify and qualify your statements, and include data on growth trajectory, financial health, and whatever key metrics are relevant to your business.

So You're Raising Money...

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