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I have a thing for bitcoin, sci fi novels, and

talking with my hands. 

An established veteran of digital asset investing, Meltem draws on her substantial experience to accelerate growth and acceptance of the asset class.


Meltem is a trusted partner to investors and entrepreneurs navigating the digital asset ecosystem. She has invested in over 250 companies in the digital asset ecosystem, first at Digital Currency Group, where she was a member of the founding team, and at CoinShares, a publicly listed digital asset investment firm. She is an active angel investor, and in the process of building her third investment firm. She teaches at Oxford and is actively involved in crypto education and advocacy efforts as well as causes related to civil liberties, consumer privacy, and freedom of speech.


Before she was bitten with the bitcoin bug, Meltem worked in the Oil & Gas industry in trading, corporate treasury, and M&A roles. When she isn’t talking about magical internet money, she can be found reading sci fi, engaging in outdoor sports, or scheming with her friends on the internet. 

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